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Ok, if I’m being honest I’ll admit that I just can’t take anymore of this. 

     It’s March!

      M – A – R – C – H.

      And it’s FREEZING.

      Today is March 4, and it’s almost officially spring (March 20th)! We should really be in the throws of mild temperatures and sunny days by now! 

And we aren’t. I’m pissed.

     But hold on. Today, March 10, 2019, is better. Spring is coming. Now I believe in seasonal changes. I’m not hovering for warmth right this second. I’m even donning a short-sleeved shirt! (In the comfort of my own apartment, of course - not standing outside like a crazy person.)



Just know that in this topsy-turvy life of crazy weather changes, each one of us must be self-sufficient. Whether that means waiting out the cold periods for bearable ones, or wearing heavy, waterproof coats in order to walk through cold rain and persistent snow, we should know that “this too shall pass.” In New York, the unpleasant spells will always be broken up by tolerable episodes, no matter how long the brutal stretches last.

     Just have faith.

        To be honest, I wish I had more impactful words to share than just, “Sit tight and have faith,” but that’s all I’ve got right now. Sorry. 

        I do know that temperature really does dictate everything. It sets the mood on a scene…on a psyche…on an event…on the whole lot. Oppressive heat and humidity are just as horrific as freezing temperatures, but we happen not to be living through a stifling summer at this minute, so I refuse to discuss it (Just you wait, however. I’m sure I’ll be complaining in a few short months.)

        Discomfort does not a happy life make. 

        What can you do in the interim between now and warm weather? Plan a vacation to a warmer climate. (Florida is a popular quick warm-weather trip from New York.) 

        Or in lieu of a vacation, you can attend some of the March Madness competitions taking place around town. These include the Big East’s annual college basketball competition at MSG, or the stand-up comedy Final Four competition at Caroline’s on Broadway during the month of March every year, where, for four weeks, comics go head-to-head in an effort to find the champion/funniest comic participating in the Final Four contest.

        Also, if you’re thinking of how to spend your free time by yourself in March, you can always go and hit balls at the Golf Club at Chelsea Piers. Protected from open-air precipitation at all times, the roofed driving range structure at Chelsea Piers provides a great space and way to pass the time. 

        Not so fast, of course I realize that during the freezing cold days swinging at golf balls at an outdoor driving range of multiple stories is not so ideal, but now that spring weather appears to be fast approaching, GOLF IS ALIVE AND WELL.


Says Christina Rossetti.



In sub-freezing temperatures it’s important to make plans in other well-heated establishments to make the time spent outdoors getting there worth it. For instance, make plans to meet up with friends in bars, or restaurants, wherever it’s warm. I realize I’m not a genius for relaying such obvious information, but hearing the obvious over and over again never hurt anyone. Hey, it may even help!

        Fortunately March Madness time for college basketball means that if you’re in NYC and you don’t go to Madison Square Garden to watch The Big East tournament live, you can still stay indoors to watch the games on a TV. And on a personal television you have the luxury of watching any, and all, of the conference tournaments! The Big East Conference tournament is not the only option. 

So while it continues to be so chilly outside, my biggest plan is to watch basketball on a TV inside.  

        Remember: even if it’s cold and miserable outside, move yourself to a place that can allow for your heart to sing inside. And that may mean just making day trips, or evening excursions to areas you enjoy.

        But just from my experience I’ve learned that putting yourself in places that you like will automatically introduce you to people who like those places, too. 

Obviously, they like what you like.

And just like that, you have things in common with people you’ve just met.

And by following that path, life improves.

God knows, mine already has.