Francoise Gordon

Francoise Gordon

         Yes, she has a French name, but don’t be fooled, she isn’t French. It’s just a name, so relax. Growing up in Baltimore, Françoise split her time between two divorced parents, played a lot of sports and went on to play lacrosse at Duke University.

         After her junior year of college (during the summer of 2001), while staying with a friend in Chicago, Francoise was hit by a car after she got off a bus. Immediately induced into a coma, she stayed in it for about a month. Towards the end of the coma, she was flown shock-trauma back to her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, and to The Sinai Hospital there. Upon returning to consciousness, Francoise was diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury, as many of her broken bones had already been treated. 

         So, that summer of 2001 was certainly a long one for the future comedian and writer.

         Once released from the hospital, she stayed in Baltimore and went on to live between her parents’ homes and take classes at nearby Baltimore-area universities. She transferred those credits to Duke and graduated from that school in 2004. 

         In 2006 she moved to New York City.  

Francoise started pursuing standup comedy for the very first time in her life by taking classes at Caroline's on Broadwayand other clubs, while keeping a part-time finance job. 

It has now been many years since she first moved to NYC and while the comedy remains somewhat, the finance job doesn’t at all. Some years after the finance job ended, she decided to go back to her roots in writing. Françoise attended Columbia University’s Nonfiction Creative Writing program where she received an MFA in 2018. Since then she has worked as a reporter for the online Human Interest section of an international publication, and now writes for her own blog! In addition, she continues to exercise her comedy chops on local stages and in nearby clubs. 

Francoise considers Caroline's onBroadwayto be her comedy club of choice and while she performed there in her earliest days of living in NYC, now she still yearns for that stage, as well as many others in New York.

Between the inevitable healing that occurs with time, and the therapeutic-induced improvements, Françoise’s life is changing all the time. However, no change has been as drastic as the dramatic difference between how she is today versus how she was in those first days of NYC living. Much more healthy today, Françoise is eager to just put the past in her rear-view mirror, and keep it there. Today she exercises more (spin classes) and receives neurofeedback at least four to five days per week (neurofeedback being a type of biofeedback that ensures the self-regulation of brain function, using real-time displays of brain activity).

         So, you guessed it! All in all, today she’s…exhausted.

To go from spin and barre classes to brain workouts is her daily life, for now. 

         And it’s tiring. 

Keeping the funny is still tops in her book, but for now it’s all about self-improvement… oh, and writing this blog.